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Whether for the Job, Jokes, or Games, Half of All Workers Use Computers

By® Staff

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The Technology Age has officially arrived. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than half of all employees use a computer at work. About 40 percent of the 72.3 million U.S. computer users either connect to the Internet or use email on the job. Here's how computers are used at work:

  • 80 percent of managers and professionals

  • 19 percent of laborers, fabricators, machine operators, farm workers, forestry workers, and fishermen

  • 94 percent of workers with advanced degrees

  • 16 percent of high school dropouts

  • 55 percent of white workers

  • 43 percent of black workers

  • 32 percent of Hispanic workers

  • 60 percent of women

  • 48 percent of men

What do they use a computer for? Accessing the Internet or email, word processing, spreadsheets and databases, calendar scheduling, graphics design, and programming. Government workers were more likely to use computers than private sector workers. Ten percent of the respondents to the Current Population Survey had used the Internet to conduct a job search sometime during the previous three quarters. Of those, 92 percent used the Internet to look at on-line ads or job listings, and more than two-thirds had gone on line to get information about potential employers. Resumes were posted on job sites by 37 percent. They didn't give statistics on the amount of time spent playing games or looking at porn.


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