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Who Says There Aren't PR Jobs?

By® Staff

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It started as a simple email to 37 friends, but has become a whiz-bang viral marketing success story.

We're talking, of course, about Ned Lundquist's Job Of The Week newsletter, which we reformat as "Job Of The Week with Ned Lundquist."

Today, Ned posted JOTW's 10,000th job. The first nine were posted on 05 Jan 01. We'll have his column formatted and on line a little later today.

Ned, an ABC, has been our friend for many years and our contributor since we opened our doors at®.

He says nice things about us; we post his column and occasionally say nice things about him. Ned claims that he doesn't make any money from JOTW, and we can attest that does nothing that would cost him his status as an amateur.

If you want more info about JOTW, see his FAQ page at Holland Communications. Why the Nedster posts that sucker with Robert Holland, ABC, rather than with us is one of life's little mysteries.

Congratulations to Ned and his loyal and growing network of more than 7600 professional communicators, some of whom have jobs, some of whom want jobs, and most of whom just enjoy the fellowship, camaraderie, and entertainment of a fine column.

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