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Witch Doctors Asked for Spirited Problem-Solving

By® Staff

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It's not just PR sorcery that's helped by booze.

Ivory Coast officials have given $200 and a bottle of alcohol to witch doctors, in an attempt to get them to lift a sports curse from the national soccer team.

Seems that, over the last few years, the Ivory Coast Elephants have lost virtually every game since winning the African Nations Cup title in 1992. Witch doctors hired by the government to help assure that victory were, local lore says, never paid, so they responded by putting a we'll-teach-you-to-screw-around-with-us curse on the team.

The "payment" was offered by the country's defense minister, who said, "In the name of the government … I ask pardon for the unkept promises after the 1992 African National Cup."

We wonder if it's really that easy? What if all we had to do was seek the help of "outside forces" -- witch doctors or various spirits -- to having winning PR efforts?

They may be on to something here. Stay tuned.

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