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WWF KO'd by a Panda

By® Staff

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The enormously popular World Wrestling Federation has cried "uncle" after being pinned by the panda.

The U.K.-based World Wildlife Fund, whose WWF initials have been around since 1961 -- far longer than Vince McMahon's fake wrestling guys and buxom gals -- has won a London court battle about the name. To everyone's surprise, the wrestlers took a dive.

The Connecticut-based wrestling organization, which, as one U.K. source put it, "produces pantomime bouts of violence between fighting stars such as 'The Rock' and 'Ultimate Warrior,'" has meekly changed its name to World Wrestling Entertaninment. World Wrestling Federation's Internet site, consistently one of the 50 most popular sites on the Web, will switch to

The company's NYSE stock will still use the ticker symbol "WWF," until a suitable replacement symbol can be found. "WWE" has already been taken.

The real WWF is a conservation charitable organization, focusing on protecting endangered species and wild places and protecting the earth's natural environment. Their well-known black-and-white logo consists of the letters WWF and a panda.

WWE? Wheee! What's next, Vince? Bringing back the XFL?

At the moment, there seems to be a bit of tarnish on McMahon's renowned marketing genius.

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