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You Wanna Handle the Media Relations on THIS?

By® Staff

Originally Posted

And you think you have problems. How would you like to be the media spokesperson for these folks?

  • Trent Lott says things would have been different if Strom Thurmond had been President. Yep.

  • United Airlines applies tape to the wings of its aircraft, rather than repairing fractures.

  • Augusta National decides to pick a fight with National Council of Women's Organizations; CB$ stands fast on green(s).

  • Kentucky to turn 567 inmates loose to help balance the state budget.

  • Cardinal Law resigns to "serve the church"; going on vacation.

  • New CEO of seriously bankrupt WorldCom gets package valued at $20 million.

  • Chicago Cubs sue neighbors who rent out rooftop seats on game days. Offense: copyright violation.


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