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Vote for the Best of the Best and the Best of the Worst

By Kristin Gambill and Christy Crews

Originally Posted

It’s Election Day at the Bar! It’s time to put down your drink and cast your ballot for the best –- and worst –- PR sites nominated by our faithful readers in one of the following five categories:

  • Large PR Firm

  • Small or Medium PR Firm

  • Independent PR Consultant

  • PR Industry Newsletter

  • PR Association or Online Community

Some points to consider:

  • Overall site design (Is it pleasing to the eye, or does it make you wonder if the designer dresses like Rodney Dangerfield?)

  • Ease of navigation (Do you know where you are and how to find what you want, or does the site make you feel like a drunk driver, all over the place and not getting anywhere?)

  • Quality of content (Is this a good source for PR information or, do you think your bandwidth could be put to better use at a porn site?)

The polling stations will close promptly at 5:00 p.m. CST on Monday, March 25, and winners will be announced in the March 27 issue of The Bar Rag. Along with the announcement and subsequent distribution of cheesy promotional crap, Wired World bar mates Kristin Gambill and Christy Crews will dis the losers and praise the winners a la Joan and Melissa Rivers' style. Go to the voting booth.

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