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He Will Be Fired ... With Enthusiasm!
The Letter of Recommendation to End All Letters of Recommendation

By Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

Originally Posted

01 Apr 02

To Whom It May Concern

Good Morning!

I'm pleased to say that Molivar Bogbud is a former colleague of mine. I most emphatically recommend him as a professional with no qualifications whatever. He is only 30, but he has the mental faculties of a man three times his age.

Molivar's contributions to our firm have been immeasurable. Indeed, in my experience, a man like him is hard to find. He works effortlessly and without direction. Molivar has always wanted to write very badly and, as a result of his proposals, his potential clients always wound up giving him the business.

If you can convince Molivar to work for you, you are to be congratulated. When he worked for us, he never did anything halfway; he never thinks twice when attacking a difficult challenge. Molivar takes a lot of enjoyment out of work and is now ready to strike out in a new career.

I can tell you with complete confidence that you will be astonished by his performance; there is nothing you can teach an employee like this. We were forever asking Molivar for new ideas; his input was always critical. He always was able to take full advantage of our staff. Indeed, to get the job done, we need 10 employees like him.

In all the discussions he and I had over the years, his salary never came up.

For the services he has rendered to our firm, we now find ourselves deeply indebted. We were teetering on the threshold of bankruptcy and Molivar's efforts single-handedly pulled us through.

No matter what the duties, Molivar Bogbud will be fired with enthusiasm. On the job, he is always trying -- many times, I have found myself raving about his work. There is no question but that I invariably would place his research on the cutting edge.

You may well find Molivar one of the most discriminating employees you have ever encountered; indeed, your staff probably will notice. He is always high, in my opinion: I remember the hours he spent working with us as happy hours. Indeed, it may be that his real talent is getting wasted at his current job.

As I have grown to know Molivar, I have learned that he is a man of many convictions, a person with a long and almost unbelievable record. While he worked with us, he accumulated many citations. I feel that, if you give him the opportunity, he will forge a name for himself.

I can assure you that nobody would be better for your job, and I would urge you to waste no time in making him an offer. I cannot endorse Molivar too highly; indeed, I would place him in a class by himself. I simply can't say enough good things about him.

You should seriously consider initiating an offer, since he probably won't apply himself. If you're going to want Molivar Bogbud to work for you, you will have to be patient and persistent, and stay right with him; even then, you may not succeed.

I don't think there's any way I can give a more enthusiastic recommendation!


Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

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