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Mourning in America? Or Morning ... Again?

By Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

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Well, that's done.  For now.

Is there mourning in America, or is it "Morning in America.  Again"?

As we said in "It's Election Time: We're Doomed":

"I suspect most of us will be equally entertained after the election ... and likely annoyed and angry and frustrated. Because, for sure, the news about whomever is elected certainly won't stop.


"If Donald Trump is elected, we'll need a fainting couch for the liberal Democrats -- and the media -- as well as an open highway to Canada and lots of ice, to accompany us on what obviously is a trip into hell.  For sure, they'll say 'we're doomed.'

"If, instead, Hillary Clinton wins, 1) Trump's supporters will assure us that the election was rigged, and, 2) because we've elected a crook, there will be hearings and, likely, prosecutions.  Is it simpler for President Obama to pardon her now, or should we wait for her inauguration and indictment, so she can pardon herself?"


And now we know.

In the spirit of our earlier column, it isn't hard to imagine that, when it occurs to her, Hillary Clinton will be a little bit -- just a little bit -- sad that she hasn't already been indicted.  For then, her good friend (?), President Obama, could pardon her before he leaves office.


Lining up into a circular firing squad® has no intention of doing a post-mortem of election results and strategy. We'll leave that to the talking heads, who just now are lining up (non-sequitur) into a huge circular firing squad, distributing blame for their woefully inadequate reading of tea leaves and mea culpas of Washington-New York-liberal-the-flyover-country-yahoos-are,-well,-deplorable bias. Or blinders.

But, if we have the energy after a 3:30 a.m. turning-off of the teevee (and no, we don't only watch Fox News around here -- actually, we were flipping through all the networks), it might be interesting to look at the major organizations' near-election polling, compared with the actual vote counts.  With all the massaging and adjusting and cross-correcting and voodoo, it seems most -- all? -- of them may have, er, missed.  Rather badly.

They missed, at least it certainly appears that way if you're a Hillary Clinton supporter.  Or a television network.  (Too bad.)

As for the Donald Trump fans, they were marching to their own, often-silent, drummer, and not paying a damn bit of attention to the pontificating pollsters. 

And then, they voted.

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